Thursday, March 3, 2016

Passepartout Press has a shop!

I think this site has been down for roughly 3 years. That's how old my daughter is so...duh. I recently bought back the url [it was actually held hostage for the three years since I let it go, people are dicks] and am setting up an instagram, so sit tight old friends. I was looking up the analytics and dang if the old chateau didn't have some followers back in her day. I can't promise to post like I used to. I remember at one point I was banging out 3 posts a day! But what I can't do in quantity I will try to make up for in quality.

At any rate. I've been busy on another venture, creating what I hope will be a printmaking empire. Today the etsy shop opened. Feel free to take a gander. Better yet, buy something. Comments are and have always been appreciated. Trolls can suck it. Gros bisous!

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