Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday's Inspiration.

Remember that sad post I wrote about not finding work? Well cheer up friends, because work, it seems has found me. Or more appropriately, we found each other. What started as an internship, "stage" as we call it here, has blossomed into much more. Thus the more sporadic postings. [trying to figure out how to balance work, exercise, blogging, and cuddle time] I was thinking about sending an email to my colleagues each friday of some weekend inspiration and then I realized; I would be a fool not to share it with you, my faithful readers, as well. So here we go, the balm that will soothe a week's worth of aches and get you in the mood for the weekend. I present, Friday's Inspiration.

Dope lamp.
Worn Out. via.

Fun and informative guide to printing processes.

Exuberant packaging by wink. via.

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