Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slow Breathing.

As much as I am "living the dream" out here in the NL complete with the gorgeous apartment and devastatingly handsome French partner; my ego still does get quite bashed about, by my current job situation...or lack thereof. I'm interning at the most darling of design agencies in the Hague, but not sure if that will manifest itself into something more. All the while I've been networking, and applying, and cold-calling, and interviewing and pavement pounding and all for naught. I average about a rejection a day. I didn't think it was taking such a mental toll until today when I got yet another and called said devastatingly handsome partner and broke down into a blubbering mess. I guess I am bummed. And then I stumbled upon this lovely painter Samantha French [what a name!] through Poppytalk handmade. I love the Frenchie feel, her chunky strokes and bold use of light and reflection. But most of all, I love the message. Slow Breathing. Relax and enjoy. Something I very much need right now. Check her out on Etsy. And check out Poppytalk's store here.


  1. hey there lady. chin up. jobs are nice for the wallet but fickle friends too, as i have found recently...but that's a story to share over a cup of assam tea and a slow poached egg on brioche toast;). suffice it to say for me less $$ = less responsibility, but also more time for my own projects. breathe slow, take it all in, and keep doing your thing. after all, you've got your devastating handsome partner to lean on, and that's a lot.

  2. Awww... I'm rooting for you, Anna! Enjoy the good things in your life.

  3. Ah friends. Thank you for the support. It has certainly been my friends old and new that have helped to keep my head above water.

    Thanks for the love and advice. Much needed. :)



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