Thursday, April 14, 2011

IFFB Highlights.

Her. Obviously.
Quiet, intense, and gorgeous. This film, as Ward Janssen put it, "Is perfect in every way." It really is.

Oh Sofia, I can't help but love you. Sofia is at her schtick again, but I can't fight it, I like her quiet sad introspective films. 

Audrey the Trainwreck.
Funny, clever and poignant. This is a great date movie that doesn't dip into cliches or maxims.

Filled with the kind of hope and angst that only the repressed and teenagers can really channel. This film will bring you there and back and to places you never knew.

Twin Freaks.
It was a party. I wore a backless shirt. Woot woot!

Check out all the fun on Flickr. You might even spy a certain cheeky blogger.

There were a lot more films that I failed to see. Running around, Angeling, and After-Parties can take a lot out of you!

Many many thanks to Marijke [see 'licious pic above] and Ward for bringing me into the fray; and to Laura who got me acclimated, wined and dined me, and kept me in 6" stilettos on party night. I had an amazing time, saw an exciting panoply of films, and best and above all met a talented and driven group of amazing photographers, film-makers, artists, volunteers, bloggers etc etc. Man I gotta say. I fracking love the NL. The people here are tops.

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