Friday, January 14, 2011

A little warmer...

So it's frackin' cold. I've been spending the week in Savoie [no kidding] lapping up the snow and general frenchiness. My grasp of the french language has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to my many english-language-challenged extended family members. And on a much much much more surprising note, my snowboarding skills have become...well something more akin to skills. It might have helped that I had the hottest teacher in the whole damn L'ecole du Ski Fran├žais. If you're ever in Savoie at the Les Menuires ski station go to the school and ask for a snowboarding lesson with Laurent. When they ask, Laurent who? Say the hot one. I think his last name begins with an F. Thank me later. And tell him Anna says hi.

OK. But I digress. The point of this post was to warm up your day. Voila!






IMG_2090 2


Taken on a brilliant day at Coney Island some years back with some of my best girls. I've finally gotten around to posting my photog exploits on flickr. If you like that, you'll love the rest of the set. Enjoy!

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