Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How do they do that?

There's this rad illustrator. Miyuki Sakai.

picture from miyuki sakai site.

I would have discovered her through reading Martha Stewart Living, my all-time favorite magazine. But no. She [martha] won't deliver to the NL. So my bestest-ever buddies occasionally bring me or send me an issue, but it's not like having a subscription at one's fingertips. Enter Lou & Tom. Cute ass blog with nice heads up to Miyuki Sakai. I do recognize that I would have seemed way cooler by not admitting that my first source for the arty crafty super highway would have been Martha over Lou & Tom. But let's be real. I ain't cool and I frackin' love Martha. That said. J'aime Lou & Tom aussi. C'est cool. C'est sympa. C'est bien. Oh and wait. I mean to be talking about Miyuki Sakai. Damn cool illustrations. And made on a frackin sewing machine! The mind can't help but to be blown. serious dawg. love it or go home and do something better. yeah that's right, didn't think so.

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