Monday, January 31, 2011

Amazing Etsy Candle Finds.

Not to get all hoity-toity on y'all but after working here as an art director for 3+ years. I think I know my way around a candle. With my emergency stash almost all used up and my connections to my employer of yore, all over-seas; I think it's about time I [gasp] buy some candles. As in spend my own money. Now that I'll be paying for the merch as opposed to charming my way through the PR closet, I'm going to need to be selective. Being a bit of a luxury-hound snob, my thoughts immediately went to here. But then I thought, Etsy! What's better then supporting a little home-grown business? And meeting some interesting guys and gals? [I've met the best/most interesting creatives on there] So without further ado, my picks for sexiest candles on Etsy.* Click on the pics to be taken to the shop.

*I have yet to purchase my candles, therefore these picks were based on design, scent combos, and spiffiness of shop.


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