Monday, November 22, 2010

get ready to fall in love...


I'm talking about the chairs, fools. Remember when I said here that there were 2 things at DDW that blew my mind? Well this is numero dos. Max Lipsey makes one hell of a chair, or stool. The Acciaio series. He tells me they're inspired by racing bikes. I think they're inspired by awesomeness.

The slender tapered powder-coated steel, the perforated leather, and the crayola colors all collide to create a perfect balance and harmony that left me breathless when I encountered them at the show. And...they're actually comfy. No shit. I could go on and on, but really they speak for themselves.


Not yet available for consumption [I hear they are on their way to production], you can bet your sweet ass, I'm going to beg, borrow or steel [steel...get it? har har] to get my hands on one...or two or three. Check Max's site out here to see more of his chairs and his other masterful designs.

Oh and he tells me, he'll inform me of any new developments, chair or otherwise. And I, in turn will share with you, my faithful posse. Keep your eye on my man here. I think we can expect some seriously great things from this industrious chap.

If you like the pics, feel free to peruse more of Max, and more of DDW on my flickr.

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