Friday, November 5, 2010

DDW 2010 Lenneke Wispelwey.


As we speak I am uploading many albums to flickr of my Dutch Design Week pics. But here's the truth. I liked plenty, loved some and swooned over precisely 2. Lenneke Wispelwey is one of the 2. [more on numero due later] I have been onto her for awhile now through various blogs and keeping an eye on her own site. And it was with great unbridled joy that I happened upon her lovely table at the Klokgebouw in the Strijp-s locale. I had no idea she would be there. DDW is HUGE and as much as I tried to make a proper schedule and map, I was frankly overwhelmed with all the offerings and am sure I missed much. But who cares? I found my gal.


She was friendly and sweet. I gave her my card. She gave me hers. And I promised to send her my pics [which I'm about to].



The problem? I'm afraid my pictures just don't do her work justice. Really. So be sure to check out her blog and a couple of cool articles on her here and here. And check out my flickr set too. Maybe you'll like the pics a bit more than I do.

At any rate. I love her work. The faceted ceramics, the playful tone, the somber grays interspersed with plucky blue-greens, reds, and golds. It all convenes to make me a happy onlooker. And when I head back home [in Italy at the moment, more on that later] I will be checking out her goods at my local Lenneke supplier. And hopefully making off with a piece or two.

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