Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting me to read the news...

... is a mighty task. I am one of those people who would rather read shelter, design, culinary, even gossip mags/blogs before jumping on the news. I do however love the Sunday NY Times. But that's for the magazine, the style section, and the crossword oh and The Ethicist. Love love love him. So why am I so news averse? Frankly because there is much happier news I would rather be absorbing, new tart recipes, fun DIY projects for the home, checking out the new designs from one of my favorite letterpress shops. The news is, well, it's a friggin' bummer. And when I start to get into it, [I was in deep during Obama's campaign reading up all day everyday to keep abreast] I end up angered and frustrated by what's going on around me. The whole Palin thing blew my damn mind and made me quite bummed about the state of mind of so many American voters. How precisely did she get so far? I think Matt Damon put it best. In case you haven't noticed, the news ain't that happy. So I'm the Village Idiot. I know I know. You wouldn't believe the flack I would catch from my NY friends about my ignorance.

So let me be clear. I am not proud of being politically unaware, I'm more than a little embarrassed at my dumbassedry. I just find it difficult to force myself to read the news when there's so much more in the world of design and beauty that I would rather be absorbing. Enter Johnny Selman. He's got this BBCX 365 project where he beautifully graphically illustrates one BBC headline a day for 365 days. The man's got style and skills and more importantly, he's got me reading the news. Dezeen posted a great, insightful article complete with pics on the subject. Head over there to see how I got turned onto this project. Here's one I love. Reminds me of Herbert Matter. One of my all-time favorite graphic designers.

So do you read the news? Find it depressing or essential or both? And who's your news source?

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