Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dutch Design Week Part 1

I know it's been a minute but in my defense, I have been going nutty preparing to leave, doin' up the old business card, cementing my accommodations [which of course got shut down by the fire dept. sorry dudes no death trap tents. but I may go back for the tree. apparently the tree house artist wants to show me around the flat.]

Anywho. Point is,I'm back. And Dutch Design Week is kicking so much ass properly, I hardly know where to begin. Since I'm typing on a laptop so small, it's more like an 80's cell phone [in size and useability] I figure I'll show ya a coupleof pics and leave the heavy writing to the macbook pro pining away for me at home.

Lastly, if you're in the NL. Get your ass on 'ova here. The Film+ Design Fest is so rad [and you'll get some face time with yours truly, if you pop on over] not to mention all the great films and the stunning hostess Marijke. My new boss for the week, is well... hmmmm.....inspiring isn't right, gorgeous isn't enough, stylish, suave, accomplished, unbelievably kind. They're all true but none of my adjectives do her justice. Swing by for a film, stay for the company. You'll see what I'm talking about.

So with my previous accommodations condemned, I'm staying at a Hostel. Coed dorms. My 2 biggest fears [bedbugs & rape] a clear and present possibility. But sitting in the common area. sipping a glass of crapo white wine and looking around; at least rape doesn't seem like much of a clear and present danger.Lotsa innocuous skinny euro guys. Some goofy Italian is kicking it to me in broken English.

His english is better than my dutch but way worse than my french if that tells you anything. He's so awkward, he keeps giggling when he can't understand me. In a minute, I'm gonna turn you guys off and bust out my knitting and really get this party started! Enjoy the pics. Much more to come!

PS. I will do a proper report and properly credit all the designers in these pics. It's just, this keyboard sux,and je suis fatigue.

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