Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Bag Round-Up, under 50 all from Etsy.

So I'm not much of an evening bag person. Those precious little purses, while tantalizing, can never quite hold all the crap I wanna carry [specifically the flats/flip flops I bring along in case my heels be crippling, plus my camera, makeup, notebook, current get the idea]. Generally my day bag is my night bag. But for those of you swanky femmes who can race down a cobblestone street full-tilt in 5" stilettos with nary a quiver to your gait, and at evening time need no more than your amex and lip gloss, and a svelte little clutch to carry it in; then for you this would be a day bag. But whoever you are and whatever you carry, you can't deny the awesome allure of these sexy satchels. Behold! An Etsy round-up of carry-alls, all under 50 smackers. Click on the pics to be taken to the seller/item. Enjoy.

ps. So I would like to clarify, in case any one has questions upon how I choose my etsy treasures.

1. It must be something I myself would wear/buy.
2. I try not to repeat sellers within a roundup to give the most varied seller coverage. This also means that the seller may have more than one awesome item, I only choose one. Which brings me to...
3. I choose sellers that have great shops in general. I look through their items, checking out the quality and variety to be sure that these are people/shops that I want to promote.
4. I try to keep the prices reasonable.

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  1. thanks for including my bag with these other fab bags! What attracted me to this bag to start with, except that it had a totally cool vintage textile on it, was that it is easy to wipe clean - yep! get something on it, just wipe it off! totally cool!! :) C


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