Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sallie's Boutique.

My mom had 5 kids and more or less in quick succession. In order to keep us all dressed swimmingly and not break the bank, she and Gram used to scour the Salvation Army for sweet finds. And when people cooed about her adorable brood and our fabulous fashion she would tell them she shopped at Sallie's Boutique. What a gas! And if memory serves me, I was one groovily dressed, bell-bottom sportin', clog knockin', butterfly collar swingin' kid. As they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I'm no exception. My favorite shop in The Hague is the Salvation Army, although nowadays I usually rummage through the home goods section. Here's a hot cross-section of a recent jaunt with my dear friend M. [y'all know her, I've featured her here before. She has a tantalizing & tasty blog.]

How dope are those books? I was going to remove the covers and frame them, but M and BF said that's a no-no. Something about the sanctity of books. Don't anyone tell them about Sam Parsons and her book screens. [found at Yellowtrace] That'll send them over the edge.

So what have you scored lately? Anything new & noteworthy?


  1. Hi there. Just came over from M.'s blog. I also live in The Hague and I was just wondering where that store is. Do tell. Thanks!

  2. Hi Magda,
    Just checked out your blog. I am now starving! You photograph food so beautifully. So in answer to your question, it's on the corner of Piet Heinstraat and Barentzstraat. Just leave some good stuff for me! ;)


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