Sunday, September 12, 2010

Before and After.

Is it bad if I prefer the before?

See the after at Poppytalk.  Another awesome blog.


  1. Not sure which I like better. I definitely covet this fabric. All I know is that I have two sofas in my basement that could do with some kind of a makeover!

  2. OMG! Emma I love your blog! So happy you chose to comment on my little patch of interweb. As far as the comparison goes. I just think the before has much more whimsy. The second feels a bit too restrained for me. I find a good and cheap makeover for a couch is new couch pillows and legs. If you're legs are the screw in type. Otherwise I've made couch slipcovers before and they're surpisingly not that hard...and washable!

    thanks for stopping by!


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