Friday, August 13, 2010

Workin it out.

Not to worry my friends. A little clearing of the air was accomplished with spectacular results. It's clear skies and calm waters ahead today. So happiness reigns supreme at the Chateau again.

Thought I would cheer your day up with a super cool DIY I managed before our guests arrived. I tacked a beautiful sari that my bro had brought back for me from Delhi to my chimney mantle. I used little black map tacks, folded the top of the silk down by a couple of inches to cover the rough edge of the silk, and then the length of silk in half vertically and started by pinning the top middle to the top middle of the chimney. Then I worked each side, pinning it very tightly, all the way down.

 The corners were kinda difficult because the fabric wrapped over the sides of the chimney causing the fabric to bunch. One way to avoid this trouble would be to get fabric that is only the width or narrower than your chimney. The other way is to pin very carefully until you get to where the mantle and the chimney meet. Then to carefully pin the silk at the mantle allowing the fabric to drape and gather gracefully around the corner. Like here.

Next I wrapped the fabric around the mantle tightly and pinned it on the underside. Voila!

I love the way my orchids look framed by the gorgeous purple silk.

So, what DIY's have you been up to lately? Anything new and noteworthy? Share the love.

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  1. gorgeous Sari!!! what a lovely brother you must have!


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