Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What a week.

This past week. Was my birthday. Also we had guests for the week. Also my loving relationship took a turn down the bumpiest patch yet and has called me to question all things. I have been horrifically sad and my world has been turned on it's head. Imagine all that emotional turmoil when you have guests! And everyone will tell you I am the absolute worst at Poker Face. Lady Gaga, I salute you. So while being an emotive mess of a hostess [not my proudest moment], planning, cooking and baking for my own birthday fête [don't ask], and missing my friends and family so much I thought my heart would break. I didn't have the time, or energy or wherewithal to get to much blogging. Depression just zaps the creative spirit right out of me. And for some it does such wonders. Not me, I'm the happy artist type. But I hate to leave my good friends and faithful readers hanging.

Behold! Some super cool pics I nabbed at the chocolate museum in Bruges. A super fun spot even though it was far too crowded for my tastes. Oh I just detest crowds. Beaucoup d'anxiété pour moi. Anywho, the chocolate boxes and wrappers from days of yore are just the living end. J'adore. Enjoy.

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