Sunday, August 15, 2010

Te amo.

Having a bit of a Spanish moment over here at the Chateau. Talk about brilliant product showcasing. I can't think of anything more beauteous and clever than the Theurel & Thomas Maison du Macaron. Located in Nuevo León, Mexico. Click on the pics for enlarged images. Mira!

With everything in white, the emphasis is all on their beautiful, precious macarons. These guys nailed it from the decor to the packaging to the stationery to the uniforms. Even down to the address and hours on their storefront window. ¡Bravo!

Frenchie asked what was the allure of macarons because as far as pastry is concerned it ain't the greatest. I reasoned that macarons are so much more than just treats. They're almost like edible jewels. Opening a beautiful box of tissue encased bright pompous little macarons smiling back at you, daring you to eat one much more than having a snack. It's experiential. I think these guys really develop that, using their macarons as decor in the space. I can't love it enough.

Big ups to A212 and Rock My Blog for turning me onto these.

So how about you? Why do you love macarons? The taste? The experience? Or do you think it's all bunk and would gladly rather a crumbly buttery croissant on a battered cafe table?


  1. I agree with you. The design and execution of the macaron enterprise is stellar. I'm obsessed with macarons for a few reasons. The colors. I'm a big fan of bright bold colors and macarons always come in such vibrant hues I get a little lift out of just looking at them all lined up. Secondly, the texture: chewy out side with a sweet gooey center-- there really isn't anything better. Finally, the size. My other obsession is mini food stuffs. Sliders, oh yeah. Tapas, bliss. Macarons just fit the bill. They don't make you too full whilst satisfying my nagging sweet tooth.

  2. I would have to say we agree about the colors and the awesomeness of mini-food. I do however think that compared to the other french pastries out there, macarons rank low on the flavor/texture barometer for me. I would rather stuff my face with mille-feuille or profiteroles any day. But macarons as a complete package sway me every time. There's nothing more delightful than receiving a box of jewel toned delights.


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