Monday, August 2, 2010

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Exciting news from the blogosphere today!

1. I have a new post up at OMFG It's about hats. Check it out. Great blog. Fun fashion, lifestyle and foodie stuff. Even if I wasn't writing for them I would still read, and you should too!

2. I am soooo pleased and delighted to be included in 6th St. Design School. A really terrific and fascinating blog. She did not, pump my blog but actually posted about the versatility of Ikat prints and included my Carslon Cards on Etsy. Read more about them on this post. I am jazzed, psyched and overjoyed. I haven't even been on Etsy for a week! You know of course I got my ass in gear and added a banner and a little plug to my blog on my storefront so that all her viewers could take a look on over at the Chateau. Here's a screen shot of the article. Head on over to her site to check her out.

Excellent Smithers...

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