Friday, July 30, 2010

You gotta laugh.

I found this amazing installation artist Heike Weber via Apartment Therapy. Take a look.

So here's what I'm cracking up about. You should absolutely check out the link for this Artist. Her work is incredible and there's much more to her catalogue than these sharpie pieces. That's right, I said sharpie. Her installations are breathtaking in their scope, scale, and obvious meticulousness. Now you should check out the Apartment Therapy article and comments.

First off the article in itself showcases her art as a nifty idea for what to do when your stumped about how to jazz up your floors. Secondly...well just check out a couple of the comments yourself:

"How ingenious! Perfect to experiment with at a weekend home or something"
"Not sure I prefer it over stained concrete, but I think I would LOVE a combo:"
"Not for me, but I could totally see it in a bar or record store."
"Mmmmmmmm, wonder if I could this myself, or would it just look bad."

So yeah, you gotta laugh.

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