Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making Lemonade.

So apologies, apologies. My internet has been down for over a week. Ugh. On the bright side I've been getting a lot of analog work done. I have this new project I'm working on that I am SUPER excited about. Teaser below:

While working on said project today, my printer ran out of ink and the backup ink I had was for the wrong model. I have no idea how I even had the  erroneous cartridge to begin with. Drunk office supply shopping? Awash with frustration, I decided to get dressed and get out of the house. I remembered this lovely lunch spot that frenchie and I discovered our first week here [they have wifi yay!] and decided to walk over for a refreshing lunch/decompression. This lack of internet has been making me loopy and uber-aggravated to say the least. On my walk over I happened upon a print shop that just so happened to have one remaining cartridge of the ink I need. How's that for luck? And now here I am at Baklust ...

seated in that very corner, [pics from their site] waiting for what promises to be a most delicious lunch [baked eggs with tomato and fresh oregano, yum!] replete with interent connection and a latte. Good times. My spirit feels recharged, my mind at ease. And all I needed was a little change of locale.

ps. The BF is whisking me away to Bruge this weekend. It's supposed to be "The Venice of Northern Europe." I will take many pics and report back soon. Thanks for the patience. xoxo

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