Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ikat's Meow.

So I have this lovely friend, and since I've moved away, we've been keeping up with little letters [always written on fabulous stationery of some sort] and gifts via post. And each time she sends me a little something, I feel compelled to send a little something back.

Recently she hit the nail on the head. I am a HUGE fan of Martha Stewart. But alas, Martha does not deliver her subscriptions overseas and I pine for her. I had mentioned this to no one so it was with great surprise and delight that I received an issue of that great ode to domestic suavity, Martha Stewart Living.

Well I had to come up with an equally exciting retort. So I thought about sending her some personalized notecards. I've been wanting to make some nice stationery for quite some time to sell on Etsy and keep my idle hands happy, but like any real designer. I cannot create within a vacuum. An artist solves his or her own problems within their work. A designer solves others. A true designer is a problem-solver, a mathematician, and works best within confines and limitations that drive the creative impulse to twist and turn and cajole it's way to the finish line. Give me a blank sheet of paper and a pen and I am stumped. Give me a quandary, an equation, a conundrum, or even a disaster and here is where I flourish.

Drawing up stationery for some nameless etsy consumer put me at a loss at every contemplation, but now I had a purpose. A face, a friend, a bold personality for which to tailor my work, it all became so simple. I had the pattern and design drawn up within the day, and was busily comping away envelope liners by evening.

So I've decided to start a series of monogrammable note cards, inspired by the dauntless, beautiful, wonderful women I have had the good fortune to befriend.  I will showcase them here and sell them on Etsy.  The first of what promises to be an exciting series.

Introducing, The Carlson:

Inspired by Ikat prints and the bold, colorful, personality of a dear friend.

I welcome any comments and suggestions you may have. This is my first time selling on Etsy so any and all help would be great. And also. Tell your friends! xoxo

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