Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fat Fucker.

"Oh my! Aren't those hydrangeas looking so lovely in my home?"

"Pray-tell us where you got so many lovely Hydrangea blooms for your flat?"

"Oh it's on account of this fat fucker. M'dear."

 Yes this fat fucking cat took some crazy fall off the partition wall between his home and mine and lucky for him, my hydrangea plant broke his fall.

Oh I know what you're thinking.

"Oh he's soooooo cute!"
Yeah he really loses his charm after he decimates your horticultural pride and joy.

I woke up at 6:30 am to go for a run before my day. Went out to the terrace to grab the clothes on the line and there was my baby. Branches, leaves, flowers everywhere. It was crazy. A big smash in the center and everything smashed in a circle around it. That fat fuck made a goddamn crop circle out of my hydrangea.

My baby went from this...

to this...

Here I tried making a brace with some kitchen twine and a twig. Garden Macgyver! The above pic is actually a major improvement because it's been braced and cleaned up. When I came out this am it was a real shit-show with flowers, branches, leaves and fur scattered every-which-friggin-way. But I was in too much of a state of shock to capture it on film  Needless to say I blew off a ton of steam on my run this am. Damn cat!

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