Thursday, July 15, 2010

Design Heresy.

I love organizing my stuff. Because that means I have to go through everything first. In this case, all my design magazines and inspiration files and old artwork. What fun! What nostalgia! I'm pouring over a Wallpaper circa March 1999 currently. Last night while giving it a quick browse I spotted this.

Isn't that stool on the left to die for? The matte legs with the high-gloss lacquered seat in a matching hue. That is my kind of attention to detail. Subtle but very striking too.

The one on the right is the iconic Alvar Aalto 3-legged stool but I prefer the way the gloss wraps around the edge of the seat on the left. And the fact that the hues match up. Tres sexy. I know, I know, designers aghast!

In fact I'm going to make my own with my ikea frosta. I think I'll check out this cool tutorial from Door Sixteen on how she turned the frosta into the Aalvar Alto just to see if she has any tips that'll work for my makeover.

Updates to come! Thanks to Apartment Therapy for turning me onto Door Sixteen. What a rad blog! Both of you really.


  1. As I would say in French " Souvenir Souvenir"

    How funny, I did this transformation when I was student...

  2. That is funny! We should compare notes.


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