Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cabbage & Roses.

Anyone who knows me well enough will concur that I am basically an old grandma, just waiting for the wrinkles to set in. I love toile, teacups, and toiletries. I have always been this way, not just since etsy made crafting and all things Grandma the new hip thing. I used to sit by myself knitting during recess in the second grade. That paints a socially well-adjusted picture now doesn't it?

I credit my incredible Grandmother for much of this. She was the person who taught me waste not want not. She recycled and repurposed everything! She was as crafty and grandmotherly as the day is long. She wore rose tinted perfume. And loved sipping on her favorite beverage of watered down orange juice over ice with a straw. She always had the frosty glass wrapped with a napkin at an angle just so. She would rock in her favorite chair, embroidering some heartfelt gift for a friend or someone's new arrival, the faint smell of roses and orange wafting through the house. I miss her.

And I love the way she influenced my life and who I am and what I love. I credit her when I find a store like this and I just love love love it!

They have the loveliest fabrics, pillows, aprons etc!

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