Thursday, June 24, 2010

Walking a fine line.

Since moving into our spacious, modern, restrained apartment; I've been brainstorming all kinds of decor ideas. Bookmarking sites, blogs, shops. Scouring the local decor mags etc for some inspiration. But the fact is it can be quite a rollercoaster when you're like me and you LOVE so much. I love the fussy little teacups, china-on-the-wall, venetian chandeliers, floral patterned couch schtick as much as the minimal, masculine, country farm table, bare bulb pendant lamps, dark brooding leather chesterfield as well. And lots in between. It can cause a girl's head to spin. And then today I happened upon these photos by Wai Lin Tse.

I like it and yet, it's a bit of a tough sell. Has an air of despair to it. But I love how un-fussy it is. How all the decor is just coordinated/mismatched wallpaper and textiles. Simple, and teetering that line of beauty and ugly. It's a good place to be. Thanks to 50 Danska Kvadrat for turning me onto these. Apparently the first audience at Design*Sponge was under-enthused. hahahaha. Plebes.

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