Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take That!

So for any of you who know how hard it is to grow gardenias in anything but a tropical-rainy-humid-acidic-soil-climate, you'll appreciate this. For any of you who humored me back in NYC by lugging my rather enormous gardenia topiary out of the shower to rest on top of the toilet so that you could shower in what can only be known as the tiniest bathroom in all of NYC. You'll appreciate this too. Try as I might with recreating rain forest conditions back in the NYC I could never, ever get my gardenia to flower. Oh occasionally some buds would form, but they would always drop off before blooming. Well day 3 of operation garden and my gardenia is looking pretty f-in happy! I've coaxed not 1 but 2 buds to open up and show me that spectacular bloom within. And the smell! Oh the fragrance! Needless to say I'm in quite a smug and chipper mood this AM.

Numero Uno.


Smallest bathroom ever...and I miss it. That little tub fit 2 for canoodling perfectly. Me and the gardenia.

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