Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stayin' Alive.

Well you saw the shopping trip I posted yesterday. Here's the results. I know I know. Doesn't look great yet. Bear with me. My terrace is huge, 40m square to be exact and it'll take some time and cashish to get it up to snuff. But for now. This is a start. I sense many trials and tribulations and possibly some [gulp] death in my future. Bear in mind. This is my first time gardening...ever. So if you have any tips and tricks for climbing roses or hydrangeas or gardenias. Or just for gardening in a very sunny spot on a semi-windy terrace. Let me have it!

I had to put the Gloxinia [below] next to the Hydrangea on the nightstand [yes that's my retainer case in the pic] because apparently they're not good outdoors for this climate.

Likewise for the Gardenia. Only this guy gets the full sun by the window, whereas the Gloxinia and the petite Hydrangea like it sunny and indirect. Thankfully my bedroom is like a greenhouse during the day.

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