Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Merci Beaucoup.

And a big hearty thank-you to my newest and loveliest friend, M. She was kind enough to truck my ass to Ikea and to the Tuincentrum [gardening shop]. That's love, people. My own BF won't go with me unless dragged kicking and screaming.

She also gently guided me through the store with her know-how and expertise [she claims to be a gardening novice but her gorgeous backyard landscape, tells otherwise] discouraging me from buying all the sickly plants I was picking up [I told you I was a novice, and maybe a bit of an idiot too].

The best part? She's a blogger too! Of the delicious variety. My Kitchen Diaries is rad and yummy and très french!

I am a lucky girl to have met such an interesting, talented, and generous person as she. Below find a mouthwatering slice of her quiche that I pilfered from her exquisite blog. Chin!

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