Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Day, Sunshine.

Just got this print in the mail [pretty quickly I might add] from 20x200. It's by Christian Chaize and I heard about this print and the Artist through one of my very favorite blogs, Little Green Notebook . Man that lady's got style and taste oozing out of her fingertips. But I digress.

The chintzy frame that I bought at Ikea over the weekend didn't have quite enough white mat to reach the print edges, so I skipped down to the frame shop a block away.

I had this idea to have a blue mat cut to go beneath the white mat to bring out the blues in the image.

Obvs something got lost in translation because she cut the mat in such a way that the white mat no longer worked above it. [white mat had a perfectly centered frame cut, blue mat was cut with extra thickness on bottom of frame. which is how it's actually supposed to be done.]

Awesomely the gorgeous blue mat only cost 8,50€ but now as it hangs on my wall all blue mat, I'm left to wonder...Wouldn't it look better with a white mat on top and the blue only peeking out as an accent? I feel like the mat is taking center stage to the print now. Should I hand over another 8,50€ for the custom white mat?

Alors. What to do?

Excuse the Uber crappy pic. The light in my house is narsty gray today on account of all the rain.


  1. can't go wrong with the white mat!

  2. Bring back the white mat. This diminishes the effect.

  3. thanks! will do. and will take pics when and share the results.


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