Friday, June 25, 2010

DIY My-Oh-My.

Been hankering for a good DIY project and a new piece of furniture. Frenchie and  I have a lot of crap. And need a sexy place to put it. Plus we need something with enough height to put the projector on/in it. We love watching movies and TV on the projector but right now it's sitting on an ironing board and mounting it up top is a no-go with our beamed ceiling.

Enter The Dutch don't really use the Craigslist so much. It's all about Marktplaats. Which is entirely in Dutch. So I bought a bunch of Dutch interior mags. I find the name of something I want. [In this case the servieskast] And then I search for it on Marktplaats. I found these diamonds in the rough today. Some more in the rough than others. None over € 300,00

This one I love, but I feel like it would be a sin to sand and paint that beauteous wood. And I'm itching to get my hands dirty.

This one is gorgeous but I have a feeling old boyfriendo is going to take objection to the Queen Anne style. He loathes froufy. What straight dude doesn't?

These next three are ugly as balls. Which is really what I'm trying to go for. I think it will be the most rewarding to have a drastic change then to take something already good and just improve

This is great for the TONS of storage space.

This one might be the only Queen Anne-type thing I could get away with.

And this one looks difficult as hell for painting, but me loves the lines.

So the plan on any of these would be to sand, paint, and I would like to line the interior back with a lovely fabric. Maybe a chevron print, an ikat, or something abstractly floral. Has anyone done this? Am I crazy or does this seem totally doable? I'm super handy but I've never actually taken on anything of this scope. Ideas? Preferences on the pieces?

I would love to hear your thoughts. xoxo

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