Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper, Doll.

In between emailing headhunters and hip Amsterdam design studios begging for work;"Will work for Cachet!" I've been working on this blog and furiously researching blogs, etsy shops, galleries, artists, musicians. [I have a few projects up my sleeve at the moment] One thing that has been standing out like a cashmere scarf in a sea of acrylic; is PAPER. It's everywhere. Oh paper, let me count the ways. Actually, no. I'm going to tease you by giving you bits and pieces [confetti, if you will] of paper when the mood strikes. In a segment I'll refer to as Paper, Doll. As in "Getta load of all this paper, doll. wink wink." I couldn't have thought of a better intro to this segment. This month there's a Graphic Design Festival in the Netherlands. Yeah you heard me, the festival is raging for a Month! The Dutch take their design damn seriously. That's how me likes it. And at said festival there's an exhibition called Paper Cut. All about this renewed interest in paper on so many creative levels. Super inspiring. Here's the video. PS. The websites are in Dutch, duh. Just google translate it if your Dutch is all crappy like mine.

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