Monday, May 31, 2010

My trip to Amsterdam.

On friday, the BF suggested we get out of town and head to Amsterdam. Funnily enough we've been here since April but haven't made the trip. [it's only an hour away] Here are some shots from day 1.

Chest of Drawers by Tejo Remy at Droog. Of course I went to Droog, duh. The place was pretty cool. Very sparse as only a design store/gallery can be. As I walked in, someone was swinging on the swing pictured below and one of the ropes broke, landing them on their ass. It was hilarity!

This isn't my pic. It was taken by the NY times. More about them later...

So I was digging the chandeliers and the chair. I don't think I'd plop that pile of clothes down in my living room but to view in a gallery setting is neat-o. I wanted to sneak a seat but I was afraid that was a no-no. Usually places like that are all, "Please don't sit on the art." And fair enough. That thing would look like dirt if it was bombarded with tourist ass all day.

Oh and I love this thing.

Dumbass me. Totally didn't take a pic of the sticky lamp while in the store. This image is from the site. It's around 20 euros, looks cool, and can brighten up a dull room. I'm thinking of getting a couple to put into the walk-in closet I'm setting up in the new digs. Yeah you heard me, a walk-in closet. That's what happens when you leave NYC. You lose your friends and gain loads of square footage.

Stopped for a pastis on our walk at a place called Cafe Luxembourg. Can't tell you much about the place except the sparkling water came in a super nice looking bottle/label combo and was from England. And the pastis hit the spot.

Chandelier down low at Laundry Industries. Me likey. Is there any way to successfully do that at home?

Nice silver at Djoeke Wessing.

Beautiful lamps, lighting and antiques on virtually every corner.

I don't have a pic because it was so teeny and intimate there, I thought it might be rude to bust out the camera, but Cabinet of Curiosities on street-I-don't-remember, is awesome. Tried googling and nothing. But if you're in Amsterdam and you see the sign, just go in. You won't be sorry.

Ok, more of my Amsterdam adventure soon! I promise.

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