Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jacques Brel.

One of the truly great things about dating a foreigner [ha, that word kills me] is you get a passport to their culture, food, movies, books and music. One of the truly great things about dating a French guy, is discovering Jacques Brel. I've been loving Jacques ever since Frenchie laid down some sultry seduction music one night way early into the relationship, when seduction moves were still a frequent occurrence.

"Qui est-ce?" I inquired.
"This is Jacques Brel."
"Oooh I like it. Tres Sexy." 

Then and there was born a love affair with that silky-voiced chanteur. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the ever more popular in the US, Serge Gainsbourg. And I like him too; but in the end, the man was a hopeless mess of a drunk and quite a snarling misogynist to boot. I don't feel the love so much when I listen to his songs. Can't seem to ignore the fact that common song fodder was; love affairs with 13 year old girls, killing girlfriends and burying them in the backyard, and incest with his daughter [the indie darling Charlotte Gainsbourg]. I prefer the charming smooth moves of our boy Monsieur Brel. He's so sweet you could bring him home to Mama.

Frenchie and I were playing cribbage, sipping wine, and listening to ole' Jacquie boy the other night, when I decided to do a little background check on our man. First of all, he's actually Belgian. Secondly, he's sold 25 million records worldwide. Thirdly,  he's virtually unknown in english-speaking countries. So I've set out to change all that. Well not actually all that, just the virtually unknown part and maybe to increase the record sales.

Here's a sexy youtube of him doing "Ne me quitte pas". This very famous song was penned by him. Everyone else was just covering our man. Sit back, smoke a gaulouise, and enjoy.

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  1. FYI-- Jacques Brel was also known to be a raging misogynist.


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