Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Hate Acrylic.

Or Lucite, whatever you wanna call it. It seems to be the material for people who think they're soooo cool and fucking designy. They flank their wooden farm table with the Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chairs because they really know how to mix it up. Balls to the wall are they. While you're ass is screaming out for a cushion, or at least a damn potholder. Maybe the chairs should have been wooden and the table acrylic. Didn't think of that did ya, smarty? Anywho. Acrylic always seems pompous and too-too and cold, unfeeling, cliche and ugly. Sure, but what do I really think? Ha. Which is why I'm so excited to show this little gem here. I love to be surprised and reminded that frankly, I never know what the hell I'm talking about anyway. Look at this trunk ala coffeetable. With the book stacks? Oh I just love it. See that form and function! It works and looks great. The books really give it that touch of warmth that acrylic always seems so devoid of. Bravo!

Thanks to Lonny. A little gem of an interiors mag. If you're super duper interested, as I was, you can buy something similar here. And thanks to Little Green Notebook. For the inspiration and Acrylic information.

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