Monday, May 17, 2010

Conflict Resolution.

I hate to dust, but I hate seeing dusty things even more. Miss Havisham, I am not. With that in mind it would be easy to believe me if I told you I never buy tchotchkes, or "dust-collectors" as my mother calls them, or non-functioning design as I like to think of them. But being a designer, my cluttery, love to look at pretty stuff, love to buy pretty stuff, love to arrange pretty stuff on the mantle, side takes over. My form follows function, simplify simplify simplify, economy of effort, side gets smashed on the ropes when I'm confronted with some little ray of interior decor light. Behold! These stunning decorative [as in, don't-even-think-about-using-that-to-decant-the-vino] glass jars by Elizabeth Lyons. Thanks to Yellowtrace for turning me onto these. But wait! No prices listed? Individually hand-signed by the artist? Aha, my logical penny pinching, time-saving, no-dusting side is the victor in this round! They always say, "if you have to ask...well then my friend, you can't afford it."

But shoot. They are purty. All shiny and dust-free.

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