Monday, May 31, 2010

My trip to Amsterdam.

On friday, the BF suggested we get out of town and head to Amsterdam. Funnily enough we've been here since April but haven't made the trip. [it's only an hour away] Here are some shots from day 1.

Chest of Drawers by Tejo Remy at Droog. Of course I went to Droog, duh. The place was pretty cool. Very sparse as only a design store/gallery can be. As I walked in, someone was swinging on the swing pictured below and one of the ropes broke, landing them on their ass. It was hilarity!

This isn't my pic. It was taken by the NY times. More about them later...

So I was digging the chandeliers and the chair. I don't think I'd plop that pile of clothes down in my living room but to view in a gallery setting is neat-o. I wanted to sneak a seat but I was afraid that was a no-no. Usually places like that are all, "Please don't sit on the art." And fair enough. That thing would look like dirt if it was bombarded with tourist ass all day.

Oh and I love this thing.

Dumbass me. Totally didn't take a pic of the sticky lamp while in the store. This image is from the site. It's around 20 euros, looks cool, and can brighten up a dull room. I'm thinking of getting a couple to put into the walk-in closet I'm setting up in the new digs. Yeah you heard me, a walk-in closet. That's what happens when you leave NYC. You lose your friends and gain loads of square footage.

Stopped for a pastis on our walk at a place called Cafe Luxembourg. Can't tell you much about the place except the sparkling water came in a super nice looking bottle/label combo and was from England. And the pastis hit the spot.

Chandelier down low at Laundry Industries. Me likey. Is there any way to successfully do that at home?

Nice silver at Djoeke Wessing.

Beautiful lamps, lighting and antiques on virtually every corner.

I don't have a pic because it was so teeny and intimate there, I thought it might be rude to bust out the camera, but Cabinet of Curiosities on street-I-don't-remember, is awesome. Tried googling and nothing. But if you're in Amsterdam and you see the sign, just go in. You won't be sorry.

Ok, more of my Amsterdam adventure soon! I promise.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex and the Shitty.

So I was invited to a girlie Sex and the City event last night. Dinner followed by the movie.

The shoes I wore.

Sex and the City premiered my first year in NYC. I followed it with my friends all those seasons. I remember the episode when Samantha cheats on Smith with Richard the scum. During the scene where she's in the elevator looking completely lost and defeated, I recall my BFF
KT and I passing back and forth a box of tissues. Yeah, we were in it
like that.

As you can imagine, surrounded by giddy girls canoodling with their bff's watching a movie about friendship in what was once my fair city, hit quite a nerve. I sobbed as quietly as I could in my little aisle seat.

I dried up somewhere around the time they got to Abu Dhabi and in enough time to realize the movie really sucked. Oh god, really bad. They decided to skip having a plot all together in lieu of putting them into scenes that required over-the-top-how-much-crap-can-you-pile-on-money-can-you-wear ensembles. Everything seemed like a device or a setup for a gag. I wasn't actually disappointed because I had thought the last movie was pretty crap too but I was more shocked at the blatant disregard for a story line. It was like in the production meeting someone said, "Hey, let's just cut to the chase, skip the story, show gratuitous shots of loads upon loads of clothing, accessories and decor that no one can afford. Oh yeah and let's film 90% of it not in NYC. And while where at it, let's insult Arabian culture and mores, just for kicks. Oh and let's make it really, really long."

Don't believe me? Ask the NY Times. Or NY Magazine. Or Rotten Tomatoes.

With all that in mind. Obvs there were some great fashion moments. I'm attaching screen shots and the trailer [basically the movie but with much better editing] below. It's all you need so you can skip the movie and save yourself the 10 bux and 2.5 hours of your life that you'll never be able to get back.

Looks I liked. Sadly, my favorite look [the white dress, gold louboutins, and aviators] was the first look of the movie. All downhill from there.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boomin Granny.

Holy Mary Mother of God! Is that a bed cozy? Or more appropriately, a headboard cozy? It's soooo Grandma's-too-fab-to-be-makin-scarves-fo-yo-ass. She's got a warm bed to tend to. Found it here.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Righteous Curves.

That little type study down below got me sifting around at good old My Fonts rifling through the type goodies. When I happened upon the loveliest type foundry [they happened to have the sweetest of all the Baskervilles]. And this super sexy script. Mmmmm. Delicious.

Kiss My Ligature.

New Zine out. Looks pretty rad. An anthology by the likes of White Lightning [seriously, what a little fabulon badass this chick is] and Marisa Meltzer [a super grrl with a mighty pen]. It's called First Kiss and it's merits are trumpeted by the likes of Lesley Arfin. And even though this thing's got street cred up the yang, is anyone else bothered by the type for the title? Is that supposed to be some cute clever thing where the F & I and K & I are just barely smooching? Or is it an oversight? Feels like it needs a ligature or some tracking or... something. Or maybe it's just sheer fucking genius and so beyond me, I can't even wrap my head around it. For the life of me I can't figure it out. I just threw together a quick little type study and ask if you guys could pick your fave. Don't get all uppity on the crappy kerning, y'all. It's just something I threw together.

The Original:

My Meddling:

a. Is the original setup. I vote for c. Just the right amount of tracking, combined with a cute little treatment on the K&I. Send me your thoughts, or even your own treatments. I'll post 'em!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting Sober was a Bad Idea.

Now, I wouldn't normally recommend anyone stick with drugs in order to eschew a life of sobriety but...Marc Jacobs, please get back on the sauce! Or dope, blow, meth, pcp, crack, crank. Whatever works. Because this doesn't. See below.

Before Sobriety:

After Sobriety:

Good god, someone hand this man a drink...and hose the grease off him please? He's getting my mylar all sticky and now it smells like ass. Oh and someone tell him he's not Tom Ford so quit copping.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moment of Zen.

It doesn't get any better than this. Friggin' Pete Seeger singing Guantanamera by Jose Marti. I'm at a loss for words...for once.

ps. So they took the original old B&W video of Pete sitting around a table jamming avec friends down. lame. Here's the next one I could find. It's not as good but it'll have to do.

Paper, Doll.

Anna-Wili Highfield. This gal knows how to work her paper. She makes animal sculptures out of paper pieces that she's sanded, painted and roughed up and then sewn together. They are transcendent. Some of the most beautiful contemporary art I've seen in awhile. I'm really feeling this paper renaissance. I hope it lasts. chin.

Thanks to Yellowtrace for showing me the light.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Style Trumps Plot.

So I finally saw 500 Days of Summer [I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a total dreamboat] and it was...meh. I wasn't crazy about the plot. It's all about this emotionally unavailable girl and this guy who somehow thinks he can change all that. Story of my life, only I'm the heartbroken guy. And frankly this Summer gal just seems kinda mean, I don't what's so damn charming about her. She likes the Smiths. Like that's a fucking revelation. Anyone who wasn't a cheerleader or football player in high school likes the Smiths. Tell me she likes Bikini Kill or Minor Threat. That would have been interesting. But we're not here to discuss quasi-depressing semi-mediocre cinema. Let's talk fashion! This film is chock-o-block full of fantastic frocks and dapper duds. Joseph GL just melts my heart in those little sweater vests and ties. And her little nipped-waist ensembles are just the cat's meow. I would re-watch for the getups alone. Here you go. A feast for your little style-starved eyes.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Or football as y'all call it. I don't get it. I watched a WHOLE game. And ya know what? Not one point was scored! And they still considered it a game. I'm American ya see and we need some action. Yet still this video speaks to me. I feel the love. xoxo football.

ps. How absolutely beautiful are the men in this video? wow.
pps. Gnarls Barkley. Spot on.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hellooooo, Karl.

Never mind that the name Karl always makes me giggle because I think of a hot Carl. teehee. All fooling aside. Holy crap this man can design the shit outta something! [ok, so maybe not all fooling aside] Here's a little collage I made for your viewing pleasure. Have the full fledged orgasm over here.

ps. He's French. Bien Sur.

This kills me.

Thanks to Handmadefont.

The Hague Rules!

Ok. So I have no friends and I'm still looking for work but Hooray I say! More time to walk around and gaze at my fair city. It really is the prettiest fucking place. sigh.

Quaint as a motherfucker.

I Hate Acrylic.

Or Lucite, whatever you wanna call it. It seems to be the material for people who think they're soooo cool and fucking designy. They flank their wooden farm table with the Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chairs because they really know how to mix it up. Balls to the wall are they. While you're ass is screaming out for a cushion, or at least a damn potholder. Maybe the chairs should have been wooden and the table acrylic. Didn't think of that did ya, smarty? Anywho. Acrylic always seems pompous and too-too and cold, unfeeling, cliche and ugly. Sure, but what do I really think? Ha. Which is why I'm so excited to show this little gem here. I love to be surprised and reminded that frankly, I never know what the hell I'm talking about anyway. Look at this trunk ala coffeetable. With the book stacks? Oh I just love it. See that form and function! It works and looks great. The books really give it that touch of warmth that acrylic always seems so devoid of. Bravo!

Thanks to Lonny. A little gem of an interiors mag. If you're super duper interested, as I was, you can buy something similar here. And thanks to Little Green Notebook. For the inspiration and Acrylic information.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper, Doll.

In between emailing headhunters and hip Amsterdam design studios begging for work;"Will work for Cachet!" I've been working on this blog and furiously researching blogs, etsy shops, galleries, artists, musicians. [I have a few projects up my sleeve at the moment] One thing that has been standing out like a cashmere scarf in a sea of acrylic; is PAPER. It's everywhere. Oh paper, let me count the ways. Actually, no. I'm going to tease you by giving you bits and pieces [confetti, if you will] of paper when the mood strikes. In a segment I'll refer to as Paper, Doll. As in "Getta load of all this paper, doll. wink wink." I couldn't have thought of a better intro to this segment. This month there's a Graphic Design Festival in the Netherlands. Yeah you heard me, the festival is raging for a Month! The Dutch take their design damn seriously. That's how me likes it. And at said festival there's an exhibition called Paper Cut. All about this renewed interest in paper on so many creative levels. Super inspiring. Here's the video. PS. The websites are in Dutch, duh. Just google translate it if your Dutch is all crappy like mine.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Conflict Resolution.

I hate to dust, but I hate seeing dusty things even more. Miss Havisham, I am not. With that in mind it would be easy to believe me if I told you I never buy tchotchkes, or "dust-collectors" as my mother calls them, or non-functioning design as I like to think of them. But being a designer, my cluttery, love to look at pretty stuff, love to buy pretty stuff, love to arrange pretty stuff on the mantle, side takes over. My form follows function, simplify simplify simplify, economy of effort, side gets smashed on the ropes when I'm confronted with some little ray of interior decor light. Behold! These stunning decorative [as in, don't-even-think-about-using-that-to-decant-the-vino] glass jars by Elizabeth Lyons. Thanks to Yellowtrace for turning me onto these. But wait! No prices listed? Individually hand-signed by the artist? Aha, my logical penny pinching, time-saving, no-dusting side is the victor in this round! They always say, "if you have to ask...well then my friend, you can't afford it."

But shoot. They are purty. All shiny and dust-free.

Well, hello there.

Happened upon these beauties while bike shopping in the Den Haag downtown area. I don't normally like slingbacks [too froufy/tacky] but these have just the right amount of frouf and tack. I think it's because the color is nice and neutral, the material is rugged [suede], and the flower is so well done and just durn cute. If you like 'em. Here's the site [an italian shoe company with stores only in the Netherlands WTF?]

Can just see 'em paired with a big skirt and a vespa.

Oh and the results of the bike shopping trip. Isn't she a beaut? Burger's Bikes, man. These guys are for reals! In a very Dutch non-gangsta-slang kind of way.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jacques Brel.

One of the truly great things about dating a foreigner [ha, that word kills me] is you get a passport to their culture, food, movies, books and music. One of the truly great things about dating a French guy, is discovering Jacques Brel. I've been loving Jacques ever since Frenchie laid down some sultry seduction music one night way early into the relationship, when seduction moves were still a frequent occurrence.

"Qui est-ce?" I inquired.
"This is Jacques Brel."
"Oooh I like it. Tres Sexy." 

Then and there was born a love affair with that silky-voiced chanteur. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the ever more popular in the US, Serge Gainsbourg. And I like him too; but in the end, the man was a hopeless mess of a drunk and quite a snarling misogynist to boot. I don't feel the love so much when I listen to his songs. Can't seem to ignore the fact that common song fodder was; love affairs with 13 year old girls, killing girlfriends and burying them in the backyard, and incest with his daughter [the indie darling Charlotte Gainsbourg]. I prefer the charming smooth moves of our boy Monsieur Brel. He's so sweet you could bring him home to Mama.

Frenchie and I were playing cribbage, sipping wine, and listening to ole' Jacquie boy the other night, when I decided to do a little background check on our man. First of all, he's actually Belgian. Secondly, he's sold 25 million records worldwide. Thirdly,  he's virtually unknown in english-speaking countries. So I've set out to change all that. Well not actually all that, just the virtually unknown part and maybe to increase the record sales.

Here's a sexy youtube of him doing "Ne me quitte pas". This very famous song was penned by him. Everyone else was just covering our man. Sit back, smoke a gaulouise, and enjoy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Frickin ING!

Yeah you heard me. ING! What's so great about ING? Aren't they that online bank with good APR's? Well, yes in the US they only exist online. My guess is because they blew the budget on their European branches. Check out their CUSTOM WALLPAPER. So yeah you can't buy it and neither can I. And they did it in 2 different colors because one psychedelic bird trip clearly, is not enough. Their little computer station is pretty mod, eggy and awesome too. Oh and you can see to the left of that computer station is a teeny computer station for those pesky kids everyone's got these days. It has fun games and a little-person-sized plush orange seating thing. Welcome to the Land of Good Design. Can I get you a drink?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dutch Target!

So I've always admired the way Target took basically a Kmart knockoff store and amped it up with cute ads, great logo and all around "fun-ness". Yeah I said it. Turns out the Dutch have their own version of fun mega store with cheap depressing clothing etc. It's called Hema. And while the shopping there will make you suicidal and frustrated, [if you're like me and hate all chain stores, actually chain anything] I found this little gem online and it actually made me consider going in to look for a salad spinner and 3pak cotton undies. The shizzle is clever. Ah the Dutch, you keep me on my toes. And, uh click on the link, it's kinda loud though, so make sure the volume ain't too high at work people.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Get off your ass and make something!

Ok. So I'll be the first to admit, I always have these great ideas about stuff to make or market and get all excited and inspired but somehow manage to crap out at the final stages. Well now there's no excuse anymore. Introducing:Shapeways./

At shapeways they do 3D Printing. Don't know what that is? Frankly neither do I but I can give you a rough idea. You come up with a 3D design idea be it, jewelery, a hood ornament, wall decor, candleholder. The list goes on and on. You send the design to and they make it. They have these "3D Printers" that can actually build 3 dimensional objects to your design specs. "Yeah", you think "but how much is it?" That shit don't come cheap. Oh yeah? It does my friends, it does. The set up fee is...get this $1.50. And then depending on the material, they range from $1.50 a cubic centimeter for an ultradurable white plastic to $10.00 a cubic centimeter for stainless steel. Yeah, you heard me right. You can friggin make shit outta stainless steel.

Oh and here's the thing, because set up is so cheap. You can design the piece. Make 1 or 2 on the cheap, photograph it and then put it on your etsy shop and have shapeways build it to order.  Haha! You're an entrepenuer with a fancy decor shop!

okokok. Some examples and inspiration for what you can do.

That last one [the alphabet] isn't actually from shapeways it's from here:


Bit I thought it was inspiring and you could definitely do something groovy with type at shapeways.

So go forth, be fruitful, and make shit!
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